Home Insurance

Home Insurance

At Hapbridge Insurance, we provide home insurance for property owners that can help cover damages to property and provide peace of mind. If you have never had home insurance in Alabama before, or you are looking into other insurance options for special cases, we are happy to help!

Let’s start by going over a few basic home insurance FAQs.

What Does Home Insurance Do?

Home insurance offers two significant types of coverage, liability and property. Liability coverage helps to meet costs if you are sued because of something that happened on your property – if someone fell in a hole you dug, for example, they may be able to bring a successful lawsuit.

Property coverage helps cover property structures (like a roof damaged by fire) and various types of personal belongings (for example, if a burglar broke in and stole your TV).

Both types of coverage have a specific upper limit to the costs they will cover and certain conditions that must be met. However, there are some things home insurance does not cover. Wear and tear, or damage caused by neglect of the property, will not be covered under this policy. Home insurance cannot be used for major catastrophes like a flood or earthquake.

Am I Required to Get Home Insurance?

Homeowners are not required to get home insurance just because they own property. However, lenders will typically require homebuyers to obtain home insurance when they take out a mortgage or similar loan, so they know the asset in question is protected.

Can I Modify a Home Insurance Policy?

Yes! There are many ways to add various types of coverage to a home insurance policy – although this will affect premiums. You can add coverage for more structures on your property (like a separate garage), add coverage for specific types of valuables and art in your home, and more. Let your insurance agent know if you have any particular types of coverage in mind!

Contact Hapbridge today to discuss what sort of home policy would be right for you! We can get you the coverage you need.

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